Mental health support for autistic adults

Mental health support for autistic adults

Mental health problems can affect anyone.  If you think that you, or the autistic person you support, may be suffering from a mental health condition, it’s important to talk to someone about this.

In the first instance, this might be someone you trust, like a friend or relative. You can also speak to your GP about your concerns and ask for a referral to a mental health service.

Community health services

There are different community mental health services that may be able to help you and they may vary depending on where you live. Services offered could be:

  • Community Mental Health Teams (CMHTs), which are multi-disciplinary teams that offer mental health support for adults

  • Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams (CRHT) that can support people in crisis at home

  • Hospital treatment, which includes either voluntary inpatient treatment or hospitalisation under the Mental Health Act

  • Social care services that can help with everyday tasks

Counselling services

Your GP may also refer you to counselling services or you may be able to refer yourself through Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT). 

It’s important to choose a counsellor who is experienced in working with autistic people. You can find counsellors in your area in our Service Directory at the bottom of this page.

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