Services and helplines

Services and helplines

As a parent or carer finding information about schools and special educational needs support can be difficult. There are a number of services that can help you to navigate the support that’s available. 

Autism Central peer educator programme

The Autism Central peer educator programme is run by seven different hubs in different regions of England. Peer educators are parents or carers of autistic people who share their knowledge and experience with others. They can signpost you to services and support in your local area.
Contact your local hub to find out more  

Contact Advice Helpline

Contact, the charity for families with disabled children, runs a helpline that can also provide information on special educational needs.
Find out more about the Contact Advice Helpline 

IPSEA Helplines

IPSEA, the Independent Provider of Special Education Advice, has helplines that offer legal information and advice to parents and carers and offer support for SEND tribunals.
Contact the IPSEA helplines 


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