New podcast


New podcast


We've launched a new podcast, bringing together autistic people, parents, carers and professionals to talk about different aspects of autism.

Our first series focuses on sensory processing and is hosted by Holly Sprake-Hill, a neurodivergent occupational therapist, read more about Holly below.

Episode 1: Sensory processing

Host Holly Sprake-Hill, a neurodivergent occupational therapist, discusses all things sensory processing with her colleague Denise Martin. We learn more about what sensory processing is and the differences that autistic people can experience.

Episode 2: Supporting sensory needs of non-speaking children

Holly Sprake-Hill meets parents of non-speaking autistic children, Jade Page and Paul Anderson, who share their experiences around sensory processing and what works for their families.

Holly Sprake-Hill

Meet Holly

Holly Sprake-Hill is a children's occupational therapist specialising in neurodivergent affirming autism practice, working within the NHS and independent sector. She is a parent to two exceptional children with special educational needs and is late diagnosed autistic/ADHD.

Holly provides training, advocacy and works with schools, education authorities, voluntary services, local authorities and health commissioners to try and raise the level of understanding around autism and the needs of autistic people.
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